Many people ask me if personal training is expensive and question if they can afford it.  The answer depends on you and what you value.  It is not so much a question of if you can afford a personal trainer, it is more a question of what you could cut out to better use your hard earned money.  You can spend up to £100 per hour on a top celebrity trainer or £30 per hour on someone who may be less well known, and there are many different packages to choose from.  The one that works for you is the best.  It just depends what price you put on your health and what you value for the long term?

The first thing you should consider is that if you are asking questions above then you must want to change your health or appearance so you are already on the right track.  You just need to figure out what is available, what you need and how much it costs.

£30-£100 for one personal training session seems steep?!

If you are unhappy with your fitness level or weight then you might need to change your lifestyle a bit which could mean giving up a habit like smoking or reducing eating out.  Then decide what you want to change, in the long term and establish a clear goal as this will motivate you.  This might be losing weight or running a marathon.  Neither can be achieved if you don't make a change.

Now consider what you want in terms of a trainer- do you want to join a gym and hire one of the “in house trainers” or do you want to work externally without a gym membership? Then what will it cost?

Average prices for personal trainers are £45-£65 per session in London.

Now look at your lifestyle and consider the following habits and what they cost a week approximately:

o   Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs up to £70 a week and that is not including the extras you smoke when out boozing

o   Eating out an extra night a week costs up to £100 depending on where you go

o   Going out drinking an extra night a week costs £50 give or take

o   Buying lunch at work each day costs £20+ a week

Changing any of these habits would save you money!

Now consider the price of personal training which is on average £45 to £65 an hour.

All of the expensive habits listed above are both detrimental to health and your wallet.  Sacrifice one night out per week out of two, give up smoking, give up one night out for dinner a week or make your own lunch each week and you have saved the money for that PT session already!

1 personal training session costs the same as the average night out on the sauce…. You won’t have a hangover, you won’t put on weight and you will feel, look and perform better in every sense! 

Finally, you have to consider what you should get from your £45-£65 per session:

·       One-one tailored exercise sessions designed around you

·       Motivation and support to achieve your goal

·       Nutritional support

·       Progress checks

·       Fitness tests

·       Additional exercise programs to supplement your training

·       Education on what, why and how to exercise effectively

·       Safety in the knowledge your trainer is a highly qualified professional

No, Personal Training is not expensive!

You are investing in your health which will make you live longer- the luxuries above will mostly shorten your life!  Exercise is a proven stress relieving, feel good and look good addition to your lifestyle so give personal training a try.  

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