Over the past week the weather has been pretty nippy!  I know that my clients have all been mentioning it. 

I have the pleasure of having to train outdoors a lot of the time and come rain or shine I will be there with my clients.  This is fine in the summer and even the winter if it is not cold and frosty but when it rains non-stop and you have 4 sessions outside in one day it can be quite comical.  I would never cancel or miss a session for bad weather but some clients might be less motivated to train if they have to leave the comfort of their warm house. 

So what can you do to stay motivated and able to train as a client??  These are some of the points I consider:

1.     Work indoors near any suitable shelter form the weather like trees or band stand like structures

2.     Wrap up warm- it is much better to take layers off as you get warm than to wish you had more on.  Wear a base layer under your tops to regulate your temperature and sweat levels

3.     Wear the correct footwear- trail running shoes are amazing in the winter as they give you more stability and confidence in your training thanks to having grippy soles and often waterproof properties.  I have a pair and swear by them in the winter months Check these out http://www.startfitness.co.uk/mens/footwear/offroad-trail/adidas-kanadia-trail-6-mens-running-shoes-m17442.html 

4.     Get a good waterproof/windproof jacket or just go old school and wear a bin liner if it’s raining so you can stay dry as possible and warm: http://www.startfitness.co.uk/mens/clothing/jackets-gillets.html?dir=asc&order=price 

5.     Have a dry top in a kit bag that you can put on after your session if you get caught in the rain.  Cooling down and staying wet are not good conditions for recovery

6.     If you don’t like trackpants for training, then leggings are perfect and can go under shorts for the more discreet look.  These will keep the wind off your legs during a session.

7.     Keep moving throughout the session- double win for you (the client) as you burn more calories and stay warm.  Sounds simple, but add in shuttle runs, skipping or dynamic moves during rest periods to keep warm

8.     Wear gloves and a hat- if you have warm hands you feel better and you lose most of your body heat through your head so keep a lid on it 

9.     Just think of the benefits before you wimp out- fresh air, vitamin D, exercise and energy levels will all be increased as a result of you getting out there and getting on with it.

10.  Shivering and being cold burns calories!  Your metabolism works harder to keep you warm so embrace the cold! 

11.  If you are cycling keep your head, hands and toes warm and dry as well as your body! Gloves, toe covers and snoods make a huge difference in keeping you comfortable on the bike. These toe warmers are a life saver: http://startcycles.co.uk/clothing/footwear/overshoes/craft-rain-bootie-cycling-overshoes-1900035-1999.html 

12.  Play a team sport- the more fun and involving a game is the less aware you are of the elements.

So… No excuse, get out and get training you will feel better for it and deserve bragging rights!

Good luck.