I have been training with Tom for 3 years now and in that time he has helped me achieve my fitness goals including running the London Marathon and training while pregnant.

Tom is a lovely guy and one of life's great communicators. He immediately puts you at ease and his sessions are thoroughly enjoyable as well as hard work! Whatever you want to achieve, I guarantee he will get you there."

Tory Powell, Twickenham.

Tom is everything you want from a trainer: he's always on time, totally professional, encouraging when he needs to be, but ultimately a slave driver, he takes no excuses and makes you do the things you would NEVER do on your own.

Under his guidance I have knocked 10 minutes off my half marathon time, got my VO2 max to the top level and grew definition in my arms that now don't represent chicken wings anymore. Do I need to say anything else?

Sophie Kingsley, Notting Hill.

From the moment you meet Tom he puts you at your ease and you feel like
you could chat to him for hours, not just about training but anything!
It's a given that he's knowledgeable and knows his stuff but he's also
very motivating in an understated and non-threatening way.

I'd sum up Tom
in four words: positive, dedicated, professional and fun.

Nicky Taylor, Esher.

I have been training with Tom for 4 years with the goal of losing considerable weight and gaining fitness.  I have battled with depression so Tom has been both trainer and part therapist over this time.  

He pushes me to achieve what I believe to be impossible  and as a result I have hit my goals despite the ups and downs.  

I have lost 4 stone, gained great fitness and believe that finally, my weight loss target is in range and I am fit for life.  Thank you Tom!

Georgina B, Shepherds Bush.